I used to write.

I used to write. I used to blog. And I used to enjoy it quite a bit. There is something profound about writing, letting your fingers do the talking rather than your tongue. I guess that it is the ‘more-well-paced-than-talking’, and that it requires a measure of self-control that I like to think I still possess, that is so compelling to me. I used to write and I want to write again.

This time I want it to be much more serious. I think. Back when Michael and I had just started dating, I had a blog that I would occasionally post on, and I once told him that I just ‘blurt out words’, I did very little if any editing and most of what ended up in a post was just flow of heart and letting my fingers do the work.

This time around, I still want to share my heart, but I want more purpose, more direction and less fluff. I want my posts to mean something, rather than just be a few paragraphs of random thoughts thrown out into the nothingness of the internet, with the faint hope that someone would read it (as it turns out, Michael always did) and that it somehow would mean something.

I want to share what I am learning about life, about God, about my walk with Jesus. I want to document my life, and our life as a family in word and in photograph. I want to recount the story of how Michael and I came to be, and every beautiful step of the journey since. I want to tell stories about and share pictures of my beautiful daughter Magnolia Rose, who is jut 5 months old. I want to be able to look back on the late nights, the frustrations and how, by God’s grace, I overcame them and were better for it. And I want to do it because I can, and because I want to, not because I think it makes me cool.

This will be my space. To share, encourage, maybe challenge and dream big. To display photos of all things lovely and beautiful; sunsets, leaves, coffee and smiles. To store memories as I am making them with Michael and Magnolia.

I used to write and now I am writing again.