Day 2: These Two


They just make my heart rejoice.

On the right you have my daughter Magnolia Rose, and on the left is Nova Lydia, some of our best friends’ daughter. These two were born 4.5 months apart and it is only in the last few weeks that they have started really being able to play together.

Bodil and Kevin Morgan are dear, dear friends of ours. Somehow all four of us got to know the other three independent of one another a few years ago, and “somehow” we all ended up living in Denmark. Before Denmark though we all four lived together in an apartment in Sweden while simultaneously going through pregnancies, Danish immigration processes, and the isolation of living in a country that is not quite home.

Now Kevin and Michael are planting a church together (with us wives along for the ride of course). We are still celebrating the victories and praying through the struggles, just like we did in our apartment on Lilla Kvarngatan over a year ago.

They are our comrades in arms.

Even before the girls were born, we were dreaming about them growing up as best friends. I mean, how often do you have the privilege of being the pastor’s kids without being siblings? Doesn’t that make for best friend material? I think so. And it has been so much fun to see little glimpses of that in the past few weeks. Nova’s face lighting up when she sees Magnolia, trying to hug her or taste her forehead. Magnolia pulling Nova’s hair, or yanking on her clothes trying to stand up or crawling after Nova as she “runs” off with the best toy.

They are destined for great adventures together. I can’t wait.

And they have only just begun.


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