Will you donate a cup of coffee?


Are you passionate about the Bible? Are you passionate about Jesus? And are you passionate about other people getting in the word and growing closer to Jesus? Then this post is for you.

Okay, here’s the deal. I am part of an online community called SheReadsTruth. They provide excellent Bible reading plans and devotional content and the community in the comments is awesome. This is not the first time I have talked about SheReadsTruth and I promise it is far from the last.

Today’s post is a little different than the usual posts. I am still sharing my heart, but more so I am sharing a conviction. I want to challenge and encourage you, whether you are a SheReadsTruth reader or not. Do you relate to any of the following scenarios?

– Your friend is interested in reading the bible, but doesn’t know where to start. Send her a link to the SheReadsTruth app and encourage her to follow along.

– You really crave spiritual community, but you live in a very secular city or your day to day life is too busy or something else. Go to your SheReadsTruth app and get hooked in, on your lunch break or commute (only if you are not driving a car.)

– You like reading your bible on your phone, taking notes and cool photos, and sharing them with your friends. You can do all that in-app with the new SheReadsTruth app.

Here’s the kicker: the app will be a reality for iPhone and iPad in July, it’s already funded through the Kickstarter campaign. But for the 12% of the SheReadsTruth readers that are Android users, it’s not. We need another $10,000 for that to become reality, which sounds like a lot. But it’s really not. The first $35,000 were raised in just 22 hours! So $10,000 in 20 days sounds absolutely doable.

This is where the coffee comes in. This is where I want to challenge, encourage and hopefully persuade you to support building the app. What if you gave up a cup of Starbucks (or Caribou if you’re a midwesterner), and donated the money instead? Think of how little that would matter to you, and how much it could matter to someone else.

So girls, (and guys, this surely isn’t limited to girls only, guy-money works too), let’s see if we can’t get this app in as many hands as possible, and support His Kingdom business, even if that means giving up a cup of coffee.



8 thoughts on “Will you donate a cup of coffee?

  1. I love how you described the benefits of the SheReadsTruth community and resources. I’ve known of it for a long time but hadn’t really investigated what it was all about. Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks for coming by, Jen! And thanks for your comment, I am always hoping that what I put up will either encourage, enlighten or inspire at least one person – so glad to hear you were able to get a peak into what it’s all about!

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve been following the SRT reading plans for about a year now, and can so clearly see how I am benefitting from it, and would love for lots of other women to get hooked in too. I can’t recommend it enough 🙂

    • Hi Sybil,
      Thanks for stopping by! I love SRT too and just so want the android ladies to be able to get their hands on the app once it launches in July – I mean how cool would it be to have raised almost double the amount needed to make the app?

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