Day 29: Sprouting


It’s been over 2 weeks since I put the first seeds in the ground and I’ll admit that at one point I was starting to lose hope that anything would ever sprout. But as it turns out, gardening requires patience, a quality that I possess in a very limited amount. But hey, here is a perfect opportunity to grow in patience, right? (I am currently smiling at my own gardening reference – opportunity to “grow”, get it?)


And an up close of what I think is iceberg lettuce, not that you can really tell at the moment. The iceberg lettuce and arugula looks identical. the carrots however are still a no show. I am really hoping that their sprouting time is just a little bit longer than the lettuces.


I also had to take a picture of the apple tree stick – just because it’s so pretty, with all the little pink and white flowers. Who knows, we might actually get some apples this year.


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