Hi, I’m Camilla! I’m glad you stopped by.

l would love to tell you more about myself. I am the wife of Michael and mother of Magnolia (May 2013). Our family lives in Denmark where I was born and raised, although my husband is a native American, who decided to pack up his bags and move to crazy Europe just so he could marry me. We’ve been married since July 2012 and have lived in 5 different places in 2 different countries.

I am a dreamer by heart, though sometimes a little too pessimistic I would call myself optimistic. I dream of a big family, a loud house in a quiet place, filled with laughter and giggles. I am a crafter. I am a baker and a cook (mostly for my family). I love coffee and sweets, sometimes a little too much. 

I want to share what I am learning about life, about God, about my walk with Jesus.

I want to document my life, and our life as a family in word and in photograph. I want to recount the story of how Michael and I came to be, and every beautiful step of the journey since. I want to tell stories about and share pictures of my beautiful daughter Magnolia Rose, who is stubborn, possessive and so so smiley. I want to be able to look back on the late nights, the frustrations and how, by God’s grace, I overcame them and were better for it.

This will be my space. To share, encourage, maybe challenge and dream big. To display photos of all things lovely and beautiful; sunsets, leaves, coffee and smiles. To store memories as I am making them with Michael and Magnolia.

Get comfy and stay a while.


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