Day 17: S-trains


I want to preface this post by saying, that if you are reading along from somewhere outside of Denmark, you will be learning an insane amount of Danish town names in this post, including weird Danish letters like æ/Æ, ø/Ø and å/Å – so brace yourself.

I have a lot of experience with trains. Growing up I lived in Greve and took the E or A-train to Køge every day for five years to go to school. When I went to boarding school for two years I took the E-train from Greve to Hillerød (feel free to follow along on the map, it will make you realize how much time I have spent riding trains). Although to be quite honest I didn’t take the train too often those two years, my Dad usually picked me up and dropped be back off (for more on that read this post).

Then while I lived in Karlslunde and worked in Hvidovre, I took the train from Karlslunde to Friheden every day. So far we’ve still only been on the E and A line, but we will expand soon, don’t worry.

Then when I lived at Frankrigshusene on Amager I often chickened out of the 40 minute bike ride and took the B-train part of the way from the Central Station (eller Hovedbanegården) to Rødovre.

After I had lived in St. Louis for a few months I moved back home with my parents and started working in Lyngby. So I took the E-train from Greve to Lyngby and back, several times a week. Except sometimes it would be faster to get on the B-train on the way home and switch on the Central Station, don’t ask me why.

I switched jobs and started working in Rødovre again, so back on the B line, but this time from Høje Taastrup to Rødovre.

When Michael and I lived in Sweden I daily commuted across Øresund with the Øresund-trains from Malmö to Copenhagen only to get on a B-train to Rødovre.

These days riding trains is associated with much less stress and much more joy. Usually I get on the trains to go see someone I look forward to seeing, like this monday when I met up with a mothers group I have become part of through Københavner Kirken. That trip took me on a completely different route, with the E or A-train from Greve to Ny Ellebjerg and get on the F-train to Bispebjerg.

All that to say, I am really happy to live in a country that has an excellent public transportation system. So excellent in fact that the number of S-train passengers  (not counting passengers on the metro or busses but the S-train exclusively) reaches a stunning 125 million a year. Now that’s saying something about the quality of the service in a country with a population of only 5.5 million, of which only 1.9 million actually live in the S-train area.


Day 9, 10, 11 & 12: Catching up

We went to Sheffield for a conference these last few days. I really enjoyed the scenery and getting to do some photography. As a means of catching up on the past four days I have decided to share four of my favorite shots.


Almost all the houses we saw were attached liked this. Love all the different colors.


Colorful (or should I say colourful?) graffiti in a back alley.


Michael and I took pictures of each other. That’s right, we are pretty silly. This man brings me so much joy.


But this one is perhaps my most favorite of all, the “up-hill-down-hill-all-at-once” aspect is so intriguing and very specific for the city built on 7 hills.